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Transmission Cooler Quick Guide & installation

The most often asked question is should I bypass the radiator cooler when I install a auxillary cooler.
Most cooler manufactures and automobile manufactures information we have read, recommends installing the coolers In-Series with the factory radiator cooler for maxium cooling efficiency.
So unless the manufactures who have spent 1000's of hours testing different installations are wrong, the suggested cooler installation is in-series......
Transmission > Radiator cooler > Auxillary cooler > then Back to the transmission.
If you must bypass the radiator because the cooler tube is leaking or for other reasons, be sure to increase the size cooler you install by 1 to 2 sizes.

This is a Quick application guide only.
Choosing the right cooler for your transmission will depend on Vehicle type and intended use.
If you are pulling mountain grades you may need to use a larger cooler. If you only tow twice a year for short distances than you may be able to install a smaller cooler.
Just remember, that ADDING an auxillary transmission cooler to the cooling system, you are adding to the available cooling capacity & protection to what you already have.

Small compact cars, No towing
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 10,000 to 16,000 lbs.

    Mid-size cars, Light towing
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 14,000 to 18,000 lbs.

    Mid-size trucks & full size cars
    Towing up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 18,000 to 24,000 lbs.

    Pickup Trucks, SUV's
    Towing up to 7,500 lbs.
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 22,000 to 26,000 lbs.

    HD Trucks, Motor homes
    Towing up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 22,000 to 30,000 lbs.

    Super Duty trucks
    Large Motor homes
  • Coolers with GVW ratings of 28,000 lbs. and UP

    These applications and GVW ratings are assuming proper installation and that you are installing the cooler in-series.
  • If you are not installing your cooler In-series, we suggest you increase the cooler size to at least the next level.
  • Our automotive cooling kits are for 5/16" & 3/8" cooling line systems found on most cars and pick-up trucks.
  • Heavy Duty Allison Transmissions require special high flow coolers. Allison coolers
  • Most Dodge Trucks with the Cummings engine will require larger cooler inlets for the 1/2" and 5/8" lines they use. 1/2" NPT Industrial coolers

    Before you order a cooler kit, be sure you have room to install the cooler you choose.
    Add 4" to the size of the cooler to accomodate the cooler hose. You never want to have a tight bend in the hose that might kink the hose.
    Normally the most effective place to install a cooler is in front of the radiator, in the fans air flow for maximum cooling. Mounting the cooler in front of the fan will insure thay you are getting air flow (cooling) even in Stop & Go traffic. If you can not mount the cooler in the FAN's Air flow, then you might consider a Fan Mounted Cooler.

    And be sure to check if there is already an auxillary cooler installed from the factory.

    GVW ratings are used as a guide only and rating system only.
    Having a 24,000 GVW cooler added to your car or truck does NOT mean you can go out and load 3 tons of dirt to the back of you 3/4 ton truck.
    What it does mean is that when installed properly, the cooler will help protect your transmission fluid from an overheating problem while towing a 5,000lb. trailer.

    If you are in the Northern part of the country where you have extended periods of freezing cold weather, and you are installing a large cooler, we suggest the "Tru-Cool" self-regulating coolers. This will help warm your transmission up to operating temp. faster in the cold winter months.
    If you are in the South there is not as much need for this feature with warmer winters, unless you are adding a very large cooler or bypassing the transmission cooler in the radiator.

    *Some late model cooler applications may require additional fittings when installing a cooler kit.

  •  Tru-Cool transmission cooler
    Tru-Cool LPD Transmission cooler
    Medium duty 3/4" thick coolers.
    "Tru-Cool" self regulating coolers - it's the oil that regulates the cooler. That is the principle behind the revolutionary new TRU-COOL SR series of self-regulating transmission oil coolers. Thicker oil that is below the ideal operating temperature bypasses the cooler through the upper two plates. When the temperature rises, it becomes thin enough to pass through the entire cooler and receive TRU-COOL's superior heat transfer efficiently, automatically.

    Tru-Cool Medium Duty Coolers
     Tru-Cool transmission cooler
    Tru-Cool LPD Heavy Duty & Super Duty Transmission Coolers. Ideal for trucks, heavy duty cooling, RV use and towing applications.
    LPD (Low pressure drop), self-regulating, highly efficient transmission fluid cooling technology that combines improved protection against lube system failure with the required levels of optimal heat transfer. Coolers rated from 19,000 to 40,000 GVW

    Tru-Cool HD Coolers
     Allison Transmission coolers
    Allison Transmission coolers
    Heavy Duty with high flow rates for Allison transmissions.
    These are coolers only, no fittings or hoses included!

    Allison transmission coolers
     Tru-Cool engine cooler
    Tru-Cool Industrial & Engine Coolers
    Coolers with 1/2" NPT Fittings. These coolers can be used as engine coolers or super duty transmission coolers. 1 1/2" thick stacked plate coolers with 1/2" NPT fittings. These are coolers only, no fittings or hoses included!

    Tru-Cool Industrial Coolers
     Series 7000 DERALE Coolers
    Series 7000 Tube & Fin Trans Cooler Kits
    Derale 7000 series coolers feature seamless copper tubing expanded into aluminum cooling fins for superior heat transfer. Black powder coated finish for harsh enviroments. Metal mounting strips and plastic mounting rods are included in these kits.

    Derale Tube & Fin Coolers

     DERALE Plate & Fin Coolers
    Derale Plate & Fin Transmission Coolers
    Derale Series 8000 Coolers were designed for the high heat extraction requirements of today's electronic overdrive transmissions. Sturdy brazed aluminum construction & pre-drilled mounting brackets for secure vehicle attachment.

    Derale Plate & Fin Coolers
    Remote Transmission coolers with fans
    Fan Mounted Transmission Coolers
    We are stocking 2 sizes of the Derale Remote Transmission Coolers equiped with Tornado electric fans for maximum cooling in any environment.

    Derale Fan Mounted Transmission Coolers

     Transmission Pan Coolers
    Derale Transmission Pan Coolers
    Transmission pan coolers use the air flowing beneath the vehicle to reduce fluid temperatures from 20 to 50 degrees and offer increased fluid capacity.

    Transmission Cooler Pans

     Temperature Guage & Filter Kits
    Transmission Filter Kits, Inline filters & Temp Guages

    Temp Guage, Remote Filter kits and Inline filters

    Cooler Installation fittings
    Cooler Installation Fittings
    Some late model cooler applications may require additional fittings when installing a cooler kit. Fitting kits, hose splice kits, smart connect fittings, hoses and connectors.

    Fitting kits & hoses
    Hayden tube & fin automatic transmission cooler
    Hayden Tube & Fin Automatic Transmission Cooler
    Hayden ULTRA-COOLŪ transmission oil cooler is an effective and economical way to keep the transmission at its optium operating temperature. High efficiency turbulators in each tube direct the fluid for superior heat transfer.

    Hayden Tube & Fin Coolers
    Hayden Transaver Plus automatic transmission cooler
    Hayden Transaver Plus automatic transmission coolers
    Provides more cooling power in 33% less space with high efficiency aluminum fins, louvers, and exclusive oil turbulators. Resists vibration damage with super-strong 100% brazed construction.

    Hayden Transaver Plus transmission coolers
    Derale Engine Cooler kits
    Derale Engine Cooler kits
    Everyday low prices on 2 of the most popular, Thermostatic controlled engine coolers on the market.

    Derale Engine Cooler kits
    Tornado Electric Fans
    Tornado Electric Fans
    REVERSIBLE - Can be mounted as a Pusher or a Puller with no airflow loss.
    Patented blade design allows for greater efficiency
    Ultra-quiet operation and low amp draw

    Tornado Electric Fans
    Transmission oil cooler hose

    cooler hose fittings
    Transmission oil cooler hose
    Standard duty TOC hose designed for use with 5/16" to 3/8" cooler lines.
    Transmission & engine oil cooler hose, 1/2" ID
    and now we have
    Commercial duty, Truck transmission Oil Cooler Hose
    7/8" ID hose can be used with High flow coolers with 3/4" & 1" fittings.
    5/8" ID hose can be used with High flow coolers with 3/4"fittings.
    Transmission oil cooler hose
    Commercial duty, Truck transmission Oil Cooler Hose & fittings

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