700R4 Automatic transmission parts &
700R4 performance transmission parts at wholesale prices.

Professional quality 700R4 transmission kits with Borg Warner friction clutches and 700R4 High performance transmission kits with Alto Red Eagle clutches. We also supply Superior Super Servos, high performance power bands, the Beast sun shell and 100's of other 700R4 & 4L60E automatic transmission parts.

700R4 transmission parts.
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700R4 Transmission rebuild kits
  • # 74009B-BS .. Transmission Super Master kit, 700R4, 1987-93
    Includes: Master kit with steel plates, Borg Warner band, filter, pump bushing, pump seal retainer, Corvette style servo piston, and accumulator piston.

  • # 74006B .. Transmission Master kit, 700R4 L1987-UP
    Transmission Master kit, Includes: overhaul kit, friction clutch plates & standard steel plates.

    700R4 Performance rebuild kit
  • # HP35003R-K .. High Performance, transmission Master Kit,
    TRANSTEC gaskets, seals and sealing ring kit. Red Eagle friction clutch kit & Kolene Steels clutch kit.
    Kit includes a Alto 3/4 PowerPack friction & steel kit !! PowerPack allows you to add extra friction and steels to your 3/4 clutch pack for more holding power.
  • 700R4 Transmission repair kits

    700R4 2-4 bands
  • # B74020A .. New Band 700-R4 / 4L60E 1985-UP with 2 tangs
    Quality BorgWarner band.

  • # N74020C .. New Alto Red Eagle Power band
    700 & 4L60E Power Band is 2 5/8" wide and has a 60% thicker band anchor for Heavy duty transmissions and high performance use.
    The 700 Power Band is also available with a Kevlar lining.

  • 700R4 Bands
    Transmission filters
  • # 74010, 700-R4 Wide transmission filter, 1982-93
    Will retro all early 700 ... Common brand - SPX Filtran

  • 700R4 filters
    TransGo Shift Kits
  • # T74171 .. TransGo Reprogramming Kit 700R4 / 4L60
    Performance, Stick shift or automatic kit use for Competition, off road and pro-street, Transgo # 700-2&3

  • # T74167 .. TransGo Shift Kits JR for the 700-R4, 1982-93
    TransGo # SK700-Jr, Shift improvement / correction kit. Easy to install!

  • # A74747U ... Separator plate, 700R4 / 4L60, Valve body plate, 1982-93
    Transgo # 700-P, 700R4 / 4L60 separator has improved universal advanced design allows 1 plate to fit 1981-1993 models.
  • TransGo shift kits

    Valve body kits

    Valve body plate
  • Rebuilt torque converters
  • GM 700R4 / 4L60 / 2004R series Torque converters should be ordered by the code tag on the converter for proper application. The Code sticker will ID the converter stall speed, type of clutch, damper, spring rate and the type of mounting lugs on the cover. If the converter has been rebuilt or the tag is missing please e-mail us the Year, Make, Model, of the trans & car or truck.
  • Torque converters
    Super Hauler torque converters
  • Heavy-duty furnace brazed torque converter of 12" or 13" depending on the application. The converter will contain thrust bearings in all major load areas to add durability and longevity to the unit in applications including Towing, Hauling, Snow Plows, Motor Homes and other Recreational vehicles.

    High Stall converters - various types are available
  • Street Intruder is a torque converter with a mild increase of 400 to 500 RPM over stock stall speeds. This increase will be best suited to Street-Rods and other Show and Go type vehicles.

  • Pro-Street Intruder is a High-Performance torque converter of the 11" size with an expected stall speed of 2300-2800 RPM. The stall speed of this converter will be suitable for street as well as some Drag-Strip applications. The Pro-Street intruder is a moderately priced torque converter for the Performance Minded Street Enthusiast.

  • Igniter S/S is an affordably priced HIGH PERFORMANCE stall converter of 9" design with an expected stall speed of 4200-5500 RPM, or a 10" design with an expected stall speed of 2800-3500 RPM for racing applications. These units are available with thrust bearings in all locations and furnace brazed or with thrust washers if you desire. Diode Stators and Balloon Plates also available on most units.
  • Performance converters
    High Performance transmission Servos
  • # A74905BK .. 700 / 4L60E Corvette style Servo piston kit Servo piston, sleeve, O rings & sealing rings included. for firmer shifts

  • # A74902H .. 700R4 / 4L60 / 4L60E, 4th apply Super Servo by Superior
    Superior # K034, comes with 4th apply piston, cover and seals for better holding capacity in 4th gear. Lip seal design

  • # A74905H .. 700-R4 / 4L60E, 1-2 shift Super Servo by Superior
    Superior # K012, The 700R4 Super Servo helps deliver Super Positive 1-2 shifts, improved 2-3 shifts. 35% more apply surface area than the Corvette servo Quicker servo release on the 4-3 downshift. Positive 3-2 kick down. Adjustable pin tip included.

  • Servos & Accumulator upgrades
    700R4 Pump upgrades
  • # A74507J .. Boost Valve assembly, 700R4, .500 inch
    Install this new TV Boost valve & sleeve for an instant increase in TV line pressure!..

  • # A74531CK .. 700 / 4L60E / 2004R 13 vane Pump Rotor upgrade kit
    Upgrade your 10 vane pump to a High Volume 13 vane with this matched set that includes a new slide!

  • Pumps & Pump parts
    Planetary and other HP Upgrades
  • # A74624A .. 700 / 4L60E The Beast Sun gear Shell
    The Beast shell from SPX Filtran will fit all 1982-up 700r4 transmissions. Can be used as a heavy duty replacement and for high performance use.

  • # A74584C .. 700R4 / 4L60E / 4L65E, 5 pinion rear planetary. Made for the 2001 but will retro fit back to 1984!
  • New planetary & hard parts
    Popular tools for rebuilding the 700R4 series transmission
  • 12pc. Bushing Driver Kit for the 700-R4
  • 700R4 / 4L60E lip seal installer tools
  • GM oil pump remover and End play tool
  • 700R4 tools
    Sonnax upgrade parts
  • 700-R4 SURE CURE kits
  • 700R4 / 4L60E servo release capsule w/ Check Ball
  • 4L60 & 4L60E PINLESS accumulator pistons
  • 700-R4 Sonnax Items

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