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Home > Automatic trans. flywheels > Ford flywheels

Ford Automatic Transmission Flywheels

First, use the Ford flywheel catalog to find the exact listing for your unit.
Then click on the Part number to order.
If you do not find a exact listing in the catalog first, the flywheel you order will not fit!

Ford flywheels
Code #     Name   Image Price  
#   F200
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 289, 302, 351 engines
Reference OEM # E0AZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight
Fits some C4, C5, AOD & FMX transmissions.
Will NOT fit a C6!

#   F201
Flywheel, Ford C6, 351M, 400 engines
Reference OEM # D1AZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F202
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 6 cyl. engine
Reference OEM # C5TZ-6375T, 14.23 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F203
Flywheel, Ford C3 , 4 cyl. 140 ci engine
Reference OEM # D4ZZ-6375D, 11.30 inch diameter, NO weight Fits a 3 bolt torque converter only.

#   F205
Flywheel, Ford C6, 351 engine
Reference OEM # D1ZZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F206
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 255 & 302 engines, 80-81
Reference OEM # D0SZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F207
Flywheel, Ford C6, 300 engine (straight 6 only)
Reference OEM # D5TZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F208
Flywheel, Ford C6, 352, 360, 390, 427 engines
Reference OEM # C5AZ-6375D, 15.55 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F209
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 255 & 302 engines 82-96
Reference OEM # E2AZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F210
Flywheel, Ford, C4 small bell, 4 cyl. 71-74, Discontinued, Not available
Discontinued! Not available!!! Reference OEM # D1FZ-6375A, 11.30 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F211
Flywheel, Ford C4 small bell, 289 & 302 engines 65-76
Reference OEM # C3AZ-6375L, 13.30 w/weight

Flywheel, Ford C4 small bell, 289 & 302 engines 65-76 $37.32
#   F212
Flywheel, Ford, C4 small bell, 6 cyl. 250ci engine
Reference OEM # C90Z-6375A, 13.30 inch diameter, NO weight

Flywheel, Ford, C4 small bell, 6 cyl. 250ci engine $40.31
#   F213
Flywheel, Ford C6, 429 & 460 engine, 68-78
*ONLY AS AVAILABLE - MFG discontinued item... Reference OEM # D1SZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F214
FLEXPLATE, Ford, C4 small bell, 170 & 200 engine
Reference OEM # C3DZ-6375B, Flexplate (ring gear is on converter)

#   F215
Flywheel, Ford C6, 429 & 460 engine, 79-up
Reference OEM # D9TZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F216
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 232 engine
Reference OEM # E3DZ-6375B, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F217
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 232 engine
Reference OEM # E3SZ-6375B, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F218
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 232 engine
Reference OEM # E9SZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F219
Flywheel, Ford C3 / A4LD, Scorpio 2.9L
Reference OEM # E7RY-6375B, 11.69 inch diameter, Scorpio

#   F220
Flywheel, Ford C6, 302 engine 81-96
Reference OEM # E1TZ-6375C, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F221
Flywheel, Ford FWD, 4 cyl.
Reference OEM # E83Z-6375A, 11.30 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F222
Flywheel, Ford FWD, 3.0L engine
Reference OEM # E6DZ-6375A, 11.30 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F223
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 4.6L engine
Reference OEM # F1AZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, No weight

#   F224
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 300 6 cyl. 83-90
Reference OEM # E3TZ-6375G, 14.23 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F225
Flywheel, Ford C5 / AOD, 3.8L engine
Reference OEM # E5SZ-6375A, 14.23 inch diameter, w/weight

#   F227
Flywheel, Ford C3, 200 6 cyl.
Reference OEM # D8BZ-6375B, 11.18 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F230
Flywheel, Ford C3 / C4 small bell, 171 ci. engine
Reference OEM # D4ZZ-6375C, 11.69 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F233
Flywheel, Ford C3 / A4LD, 140 engine, 85-up
Reference OEM # E5TZ-6375D, 11.30 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F234
Flywheel, Ford C3, 171 ci. engine, 75-79
Reference OEM # D5ZZ-6375B, 11.69 inch diameter, NO weight

#   F235
Flywheel, Ford A4LD, 171, 179. 245, 4.0L engines
Reference OEM # E5TZ-6375B / F1TZ-6375A, 11.69 inch diameter, NO weight



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