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Home > Chrysler rear wheel drive > A518 (46RE), A618 (47RE, 48RE) > Valve body kits

A518 (46RE), A618 (47RE, 48RE) Valve body kits

Valve body kits
Code #     Name   Image Price  
#   T22169B
TransGo Reprogramming Kit A500 / A518 89-up Performance / heavy duty kit
TransGo # TFOD-HD2, Torqueflite Overdrive. Automatic shift; Street or full race; Holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd to any rpm; Backshifts to 3rd, 2nd and 1st at any rpm. Tow & Go and competition combination. Kit Updates by Transgo.
Use # T22165B for Diesel applications.
Will not fit 48RE, 2003-up

TransGo Reprogramming Kit A500 / A518 89-up Performance / heavy duty kit $197.18
#   T22167
TransGo Shift Kits JR A500 / A518 88-up
TransGo # SK TFOD-JR Corrects/prevents/reduces: Lube shortage, soft shifts and drainback problems Not a performance type kit

TransGo Shift Kits JR A500 / A518 88-up $33.80
#   T22165B
TransGo Shift Kit A500 / A518 / 618 RE & RH Diesel only
* UPDATED KIT ** TransGo # SK TFOD-Diesel, 1988-2003 Shift improvement / correction kit No Pan gasket in kit Firmer Lock up, reduces drain back, reduces soft shifts.
Has resistor and High Temp rings for heavy duty use and now includes a Valve body plate.
Will NOT fit 03-up 48RE

TransGo Shift Kit  A500 / A518 / 618  RE & RH  Diesel only $119.70
#   T22165C
TransGo Shift Kit 48RE
2003-2006 48RE Diesel & 2003 V10
Transgo says You’ll hardly believe how powerful the shifts can be without being bangy. Reduces converter slip. Has Hi-Temp Low Shrink Rings.
Some parts installs during rebuild only.

TransGo Shift Kit   48RE $105.37
#   S22741FK
Valve Kit, Press Regular Sleeve & Plug, 42 / 46 / 47RE /RH
…. Common vender is Sonnax # 22229-01K

#   S22741NK
Throttle Valve kit, A500 / A518 / 904 / 727 ***Replaced by S22741NDK***
Includes: Throttle Valve, plunger, 3 spring shims, 1 alternative spring, sleeve….
*Replaced by S22741NDK*
Common vender is Sonnax # 22771-01K

#   S22167A
Shift correction package A500 / A518 / A618 (1999-up)
1999-UP* Will retro early units... To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

Shift correction package A500 / A518 / A618 (1999-up) $93.18
#   S22167
Shift correction package A500 / A518 / A618 (Before 1999)
1988-1998 To be installed during rebuild! Not a performance type kit

Shift correction package A500 / A518 / A618 (Before 1999) $82.47
#   S22741P
Pressure reg. valve, LUBE regulated, A904 / 500 / 518 / 618
With / TCC only, 1978-UP…. Common vender is Sonnax # 22771A-02K

#   S22741M
Manual Valve, 904 / A500 / 727 / A518 / 618
With / TCC only, 1978-UP…. Common vender is Sonnax # 22771-09

#   S22741A-1
4 Spooled Switch Valve, 42 / 46 / 47RE / RH
Includes: 1 SWITCH Valve…. Common vender is Sonnax # 22771A-01

#   VB-101
Valve body plate ball Seat repair kit
Comes with 5 ball seats & 5 C clips.. Repairs 700R4, 2004R, many GM's and Chrysler VB plates that have Check Balls that have worn out the plate.

#   STP-10518
500-518 (89-UP) TransAction Kit (Fairbanks 10518 )
High Performance
Offers 3 levels of Performance: 1. Heavy Duty 2. Street & Strip 3. Full Competition
Transforms your automatic into a true performance transmission! * Rapid fill manual valve * Quicker throttle response * Helps keep clutches and band alive under extreme demand * Services A500, A518, A618, 42RE, 46RE, & 47RE (1989-1998) * Improves overall performance 1. The rapid fill manual valve allows converter charge when transmission is in park. 2. This TransAction kit will service both gas and diesel motors.

500-518 (89-UP) TransAction Kit (Fairbanks 10518 ) $88.69
#   A22747D
Separator Plate, A618(48RE) VBHO DSL/V10 ENG, 48RE Only

#   S22167C
Shift correction package, 48RE Kit (Superior K48RE )
This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Code 740 * Inadequate Line Pressure * Premature Clutch Failure * No-Stick Throttle Valve * Rapid Fill Manual Valve * Boost Valve Plate & Clip * Slow Engagements * Premature Band Failure
This Shift Correction Package #K48RE for use on all 2005-up 48REs in diesel applications that have the throttle-valve actuator. Superior offers item #K500-618-L for 2003-2004 gas or diesel applications without the throttle-valve actuator.

#   T12749
TF RWD, Valve body detent ball repair
TransGo # TF-Detent
Valve Body Detent Ball Bore Repair. Fits All Chrysler/Dodge 500, 518, 618, 42-48RE's & RH's Allows use of worn Valve Body with out special Tools. Keeps manual Valve properly indexed.


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